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Your Family

Obitell is here to help you trace your family roots and connect you with loved ones you didn't know about

Your Investment

Earn money while spending time with your loved ones. By referring other members of your family to join you on GFG, you earn a commission every time a new member joins!

Find new family

With Obitell, you can now, and always, trace your family roots and re-unite with close and distant blood relatives-some of whom you did not even know are part of your larger family- as you get known and remembered by generations and generations to come; through the Great Obitell state-of-the-art Digital Book of Family History!

Find long lost ones

The modern life, with ever-tight and busy schedules for parents and grandparents, is leaving very little or no room at all for familiarization. The current young generation and families don’t connect as is supposed to be. With Obitell, your detailed family lineage and history, faces of loved ones and uniquely personalized Family Tree Identity (FTID Indexing) –with an extendable inter-family relationships querying module for the whole family- is only a phone scroll away!

Earn money while at it

With our Global Program for Obitell Ambassadors (GPOA), You, your friends and every other family member over 18 years of age, can fill their little financial GAPs in their daily life by referring new members globally to the Obitell Global System and earn over USD 9,765.50 (Approx. Ksh.976,550.00) per year in referral commissions, direct into your Bank account, year in, year out and for a lifetime