Global Program for Obitell Ambassadors (GPOA)

Obitell is the first Company and a Family Social Site in the world to share its revenues with members globally. Because we are about Family, sharing has been and will always be a good thing. At Obitell, we do not keep everything to ourselves. Considering the current economic times, a few dollars from an extra stream of income in the family will obviously be appreciated, coming in handy to settle a few bills here and there.

With our Global Program for Obitell Ambassadors (GPOA), You, your friends and every other family member over 18 years of age, can fill their little financial GAPs in their daily life by referring new members globally to the Obitell Global System and earn over USD 1,120,000.00 (Approx. KES 112,000,000.0) per year in referral commissions, direct into your Bank account, year in, year out and for a lifetime. Our system calculates your commissions instantly upon registration completion by your new invite, and allows commissions withdrawals (Minimum of USD 2.00/Ksh.200.00, with no Maximum Limit) from your Obitell Personal Ambassador Account to your specified Bank Account instantly or anytime you so wish, through our Uni-Cash Online Wallet.

The full Ambassador Commissions pay plan and payment statements are accessible within Individual Obitell member’s back office. Join our Global Program for Obitell Ambassadors (GPOA), empower yourself, family and friends financially as you create your family history together for generations to come.